short comments to be translated (may be offensive)

Hi someone on my facebook commented on me in moroccan arabic and i’m pretty certain it is offensive. she will not tell me what it says and 2 of my friends will not translate it- saying it is very bad. I would very much like to know what is being said about me and what i can say to defend myself. thank you so much for your time. I really aplogize if the talk is offensive but please translate it anyway. I should know what is being said about me in public.

A: yatta chkoun had lkhayr tbarkAllah mnin dbrti 3lih AHNINI

A: ya hsn ghi dik lkmara kourak dggiti syda

B: wa ji3ana ach dakhlak n7assan ou lla man7assanch ana dima zzwin bala7ya ou la bla la7ya almousmouma

A: Who’s this “fine thing”/“good stuff” , God blessings, where did u get that hun ?

  • here “fine/good” is refering to a girl, likely her body.

A: U should’ve taken care of that face (of you), u must have “prickled” the lady (with ur beard)

B: U “avid/hungry” girl ! what that has to do with you if i shave or don’t, i’m always good looking, with the beard or without it, you mean girl.

  • “avid” is not exact translation, “ji3ana” literally means hungry but it refers here to someone who doesn’t know/can’t find “grace”

sorry i didnt c ur post PB … je retire le mien alors :wink:

@paperbird - chokran! thank u so very much. i am happy to know it’s nothing bad.
@madridista - thanks also but i didn’t see your tranlsation :wink:

i apprciate you both very much!

hsn… the person meant to shave. You should’ve shaved that face. That’s more consistent with the third sentence.
For dggiti syda, I was thinking of it as beating the lady, but I think it makes more sense with your interpretation.

Laila, you didn’t see Mad’s because he just edited his post and removed it.
Mad, you should have left it, since you took the time to do it. Two are always better than one.

I read it “7sen” not “7assen” that’s why…

thanks D-lover :slight_smile:

you know what Laila? you should think of something to say back, so that you reply back in Moroccan Arabic, and have all their jaws drop hhhhhh
we don’t know the context of the first sentence, and who or what was referred to as “lkhir”, so you think of something, and we can translate it for you

mmmm i think that they mean by lkhir : someone fat :smiley: … but as doudi said we need to c the context
coz lkhir could mean also pretty … and many other words

Some deep analysis…
Since the person said “chkoun”, then it’s definitely a human being.
Now referring to a human being as lkhir, instead of “this woman” or “this man”, is a little bit derogatory, don’t you guys agree? It’s like considering her/him an object… or the person is being ironic…
Laila, you see the context for yourself, we can’t fuel negativeness that might not even be there…

no, she probably said it in a derogatory way. or she was just teasing him because it was a photo of me and my boyfriend. there was no other comment, just these like that in isolation.

i’d love to say something back like: you can find something this “mouth watering” (to speak to her ‘fatty’ or ‘pretty’ remark whichever the case mya be. ) only if you are a very lucky and blessed person! these huge diamonds don’t just drop into your lap everyday woman! he is lucky no?

I would suggest:
had lkhayr ma ysibou illa elli da3ia lih mmo. Iwa ach ban lik? Machi merdi lwalidin hada?

This is veeeeeeeeeery Moroccan, and consistent with what you wanted to say… translating the diamonds part wouldn’t make it so Moroccan…

My comment translates as:
This “khir” can’t be found but by someone whose mom prayed for him. So what do you think? Isn’t he a man that has the blessings of his parents?
Too literal, just for you to understand what you’re saying. I used the same word she used to refer to you “lkhayr/lkhir”. Also, in the Moroccan cultural context, a lucky person is one whose got the satisfaction and blessings of his mom, or his parents in general, which explains my expressions.

PB, and Mad, please suggest something else, would love to see what you’d come up with :^^:

the best way would be if i just LEARN moroccan eh? i love that D-L! thanks for helping me everyone.

i don’t want to be rude but being funny or ironic would be OK. becuase i don’t really know her so i wouldn’t want to say something disrespectful in case she was just teasing out of fun.

my suggestion wasn’t offensive by any means, it was just teasing. It has no foul language

you came to the right place to learn moroccan arabic, so start studying :wink:

here is another one from the same picture:

A: tadiaa lflouss haha daba ngoulha lihom f almaghreb

B: hadi raha lmadam a zin

A : So this is “the” money ?!! haha, i’ll tell them that in Morocco.

B: This is the (my) woman baby.

A: tadiaa lflouss haha daba ngoulha lihom f almaghreb = this is wasting money , i’ll tell them in morocco

so lkhayr that was talkin about isnt fat nor pretty :^^:
she was talking about money hhhhh

[quote=Madridista]so lkhayr that was talkin about isnt fat nor pretty :^^:
she was talking about money hhhhh[/quote]
nope! Laila said it’s a pic of her with her boyfriend, & i said before that “khyr” must be refering to a female & likely her body…

Put yourself in the situation (& i know it’s not hard for u :ok: ) , u see a Moroccan guy u know, & he’s with a foreign girl in the pic, what would u say ?

duuuude and then they said tadia3 flouss hada … so maybe she is not talkin about them … she is only talkin about sth in the pic that shows that they r waisting a lot of money … i said maybe
hahahah now we gotta c that famous pic :^^: