short chat translation help, please!

hi everyone----salaam aleikum!
i am a beginner with darija, if that, so please be kind! i am from the US, from the state of arkansas. there are not many moroccans in my town, but i met two when i started working with them two months ago. they are brother and sister. since recently, i have begun dating the guy. one night, they were both hanging out at my apartment after work and the guy i am dating was on the computer chatting with friends from back home (i think).
i was in the other room when the girl started making a big deal about something he had written - she was excited and talking to him fast. i asked what was going on and she started laughing and pointed to what he’d written on one screen. i asked what he had said, but they both started telling me different things (and he started talking with a not very nice tone to her)…so i think they were trying to hide something from me! i don’t think it was very nice since the girl was laughing and both refused to tell me, and it was like keeping a secret from me since i can’t read it…
he just closed my computer after that, but when i opened it again, everything was still there. could you all help me figure this out?? i think “smhili” means “i’m sorry”… and i know “ana” means “i”…but that’s as far as i can get!
so here is exactly what he wrote:

hi ca va ki dayra 3afak ntia daba ghada tmchi l dark smhili alakin ana mabaghikch tbkay m3adba 7awli tsabri rask ila b9iti katfakri fiya bzaf ghi katsa3biha 3la rask 7awli tnsayni

thank you thank you!!
shokran jazilan!

Wa 3alaykom assalam magnolia, welcome to SpeakMoroccan :). Please feel free to have a thread in the new members section as well, and let others have the pleasure of welcoming you here.
You don’t have to ask for kindness, we wouldn’t welcome you with rudeness. There is no place for rude people on SpeakMoroccan ;).

You are right for smhili, although it rather means literally “forgive me”. There is no such thing as “I am sorry” in Darija! The expression exists in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), but not in Darija.

So let’s get to your translation:

Hello, how are you doing? Please, now you are going home, I am sorry, but I don’t want you to stay in pain, try to comfort yourself. If you keep thinking of me a lot, you will just make it difficult for yourself. Try to forget me.

I don’t see that this is something that could have made them laugh, unless if it was some kind of trick on some girl, or whatever.

thank you, simply moroccan!
i have no idea what he meant by this.

i will say that when i came into the room and asked what was going on, she (the sister) said to me that he (the guy i’m dating) was messaging a younger girl who was crazy over him… but she was laughing when she said it. then he was kind of mad at her and said something about his sister’s friends from back home in morocco (something not very nice)…
i can make guesses, but i’m not sure.

i will have to ask them both more about this…i’m even more curious now. but mostly, i can’t wait to see his (or her!) surprised face when they realize that i know more than they think!

thank you again!!

You’re welcome, but the message makes sense to me with your explanation. He was telling some girl to forget about him. It wasn’t like breaking up, but more like making her understand that she has no chance with him or whatsoever. But I don’t find it a funny thing for his sister to laugh about.