Sex Tourism in Morocco

Firstly, anybody who is familiar with surfing the ocean, knows that winter is best for surfing Moroccan ocean, primarily of the giant easy to break waves at winter time. But this post isn’t about surfing the ocean. Rather, it is about s-x tourism in Morocco. And why Morocco is considered hot spot for a such activity?.., Yesterday, whilst surfing the ocean with my younger brother, we were approached by two older ladies with British accent who appeared to be in their late 50’s or so, soliciting s-x and god knows what else. This is ridiculous and has to stop. Older Arab/Mozlem men come to Morocco for virgins and much younger girls… Much older European women come to Morocco for much younger men. Why Morocco? And Why can’t Moroccan government do something about it?

That would make us famous though… Keep sexin’ in morocco !!

when i was in Fez some intelligent,open minded and welcoming people in bazaar told me about this. i couldn’t believe it,but that’s it. and i don’t know why,under the shield of being a muslim country all those things keep going on. in a touristic town in the north i was forbidden to book a room with a italian male friend,as the hotel owner thought i was a moroccan prostitute,he looked me from head to toe than said to my friend:no sorry,it’s all full. and so why on a larger scale there happens even more heavier facts?

And the perpetrators are mostly Moslems/Khalijis who come to Morocco for much younger boys and girls…I am particularly worried about Moroccans in Morocco. Because, they’re so trusting and giving and willing.

yes it’s true. maybe you won’t believe how you can find so trusty,willing and helpy people and on the other hand somebody so bad

I think Moroccans in Morocco need to learn when to trust and when not to trust strangers. They also need to stop thinking blindly of Khalijis and Europeans as moral or rich people who are better or superior to Moroccans and Europe isn’t heaven and that is, among many other things just for starters.

Mozlems ?

Fassi ould FeZ