sesame seeds

do moroccans eat sesame seeds?

open sesame

  • sorry i had nowhere else to ask this question, has been bothering me for a while

what are u saying :smiley: of course they do…well, i don’t, but Moroccans do, especially girls.
but this kind is more popular in the north, for casa, it does exist, but the black one is the popular here.

looool that’s amazing, it came to my mind coz i’m having some now -bsa7ty- … now i know i can DEFINITELY fit in, in Morocco :smiley: thanks brov

haha , u know what, i imagined you sitting behind ur laptop, eating & spitting peels all around :rofl:

hhhhh its exactly like that, except im putting the peels in a bowl and i have like 559085094829829829 sheets of paper around me… i need to write this essayyy but i’d rather have seeds :hap:

moroccans are fan of them loolll dont worry u’ll find them everywhere :smiley:
moul zerri3a = is the person selling them
u can ask anyone in the street : 3afak kayn chi moul zeri3a 9rib mn hna ?

They’re the best nuts xD, in Sweden we call them “bird seeds” and some even called them “gypsy nuts” cuz a lot gypsy eat them lol

By default, when you ask for zerri3a, you’re given the black ones. And they are small too.
If you want the ones in the picture, you ask for zerri3a bida.

Hey ! you can sell those 35465463546835 sheets to mool zri3a himself :ok: it’s worth a fortune, students sell their own books here :mdr:

LOL yeah, it’s always funny to read what copybook page you got your zerri3a in. I sometimes find very bad grades there 04/10 or 03/10, so I understand why did the copybooks end up at moul zerri3a’s.

duuude when i used to buy it in sheets , i generally find interesting thing … articles , lessons …

the ones i generally buy are in packets, and i know what you mean by the moul zerria3, the ones ive seen generally put them in newspaper sheets… either way, they make you addicted

So how do you people eat your zerri3a?
Teqchar by hand or directly by your teeth?
A vital question!
Also, don’t you end up thirsty like crazy after finishing your zerri3a?
Back at the time, we used to buy 4 d rial d zzerri3a (20 cents), and it would make a nice quantity. Now the same quantity costs 1dh. :^^:

I don’t eat zerri3a basicly because i don’t know how to take off peels :oops: i used to eat it with peels then i just stopped,

Glya (turkiya) is much better for me, u 'll get thirsty anyway, so why not a “stal” of glya instead of 20 cent zerri3a with a geography lesson or sth :lol:

DL, to answer your question, I split it open with my front teeth, when i was younger it was harder but now i’m used to it, as a family when we’re gonna watch something we get the “cekirdek” out and start clicking :slight_smile:

and yeah it does get you thirsty, but what’s worse is sometimes your lips and tongue go numb coz of the salt