Seasons Greetings & Translation Request

Hi everyone
My first stint back since the festive season - would like to wish everyone on the board a peaceful and prosperous new year.

Can you help with the meaning of the following words - kayfa halek


kayfa haluk is “how are you” in egyptian dialect…

yep . just to let u know thats not darija!

it means how are u in middle eastern arabic! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the wishes, Tom.

Sarah, “how are you” in Egyptian would be “ezzayyak” (m.s) or “ezzayyek” (f.s).
Kayfa 7aluk is plain MSA, and keef 7alak and other pronunciation variations are of middle eastern accents.

That was just a confirmation of the above answers from Sarah and MarocRulz.

thanks SM…just after posting my reply i started wondering if it was MSA…then…it is! :flag: