Search bar.. had shi momkin?

Would it be possible to have a SpeakMoroccan search bar on the forum so we can search for topics to avoid posting things that have already been posted? this is especially useful for the translation section so we don’t duplicate requests…


I am more convinced than ever that the buttons we have in the top bar are not visible enough :).

Check out those buttons:

The search button allows you to perform an advanced research by looking into a specific forum, or even by searching in posts of a specific person.

I hope this answers your question.

I don’t think she’s using that template, i’m using Radium in which the navbar is not buttons, its only links. (& there’s no administration button lol )

Is there a possibility to switch the links by buttons ? i mean in the template, i can make some buttons (for each template)…if you like :slight_smile:

OOOOOPSSSS :hap: i should get myself a pair of spectacles :smiley:

thanks Admin!