hope thats how its said, maybe i heard wrong dunno if its missin a letter b4 it or sth lol wat does it mean??

sounds weired, since you’re not sure of it…i suppose it’s “Sgeeta” —> the whole body/meat of a dead sheep or a cow…etc. only the one that was slauhtered in the good way, cuz otherwise the one that dies by its own is called “jeefa”

can u give the context ? & can u make sure ether its sbeeta or sgeeta ?

no dats defintely not it :stuck_out_tongue: i realy dnt know it could be sbeeta but no its not sgeeta and sowwy cant give context coz i forgot what the sentence was :unsure:

In someway…this — > :fouet: <— can be called sbeeta :ok: diminutive for sabta/sab6a = a whip

hmmmmmmmm im sure its not dat either hehe
now i know i was definitely missin a letter of the word or i misheard it :cry: