Sbah lkheir, please, I need your held for this translation

It about zodiac signs, a description for Sagittarius :

Tay9 f raso
Kaysbr ta y3ya w ytfrg3 flkhr
Jtima3i w 7doudi f nefs lwe9t
Kay3wel 3la raso
Ila 7tajitih tl9ah
Kaykreh routine
Kay3rf chno kaydir
Kaybghi l7ayat
Kay3ich bl music

Choukran bezaf !

Not sure what first one is
Self assured
When in difficulty, stays patient and keeps it in but explodes later
Sociable but reserved at the same time
Depends on himself
If you need him, you’ll find him
Hates routine
Knows what he’s doing
Not sure but I think something similar to worrying about hygiene
Loves modesty/life (can’t tell which)
Lives on music

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