Say "Salam" & "besslama" :)

Here you can say “salam” whenever you passed by, to let whoever is here know that you’re here :slight_smile: also u can say “besslama” when you’re goin so everybody knows.

Not a game, just a hello thread…u know! lots of forums keep alive because of general chat/off-topic sections which include such threads :^^:

Salam :wave:

can we say shalom :smiley: j/k

Salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam kamleeeen

Bsalama, looks like im the lone dweller of this forum at the moment :frowning:

Can we say, “Hey, why doesn’t anybody ever follow up on my posts? They sit there, lonely, for months”…I suspect, once again, Plague.

Just kidding

Salam 3lykom :slight_smile: sba7 lkhyr anybody here ?

Sbah ul Nuur ya Ashabi

Salam !

helloooooooooooooo llo llo llo <<<< my echo :rofl:

Is it a mountainous region into which you throw your echo?

Receivest thou mine email oh brother of mine?


Not motivated to work i am sitting in my office, closed the door so that the clients dare not to “disturb” me :angel: and - as my office is in the mountain - I just caught the last “llooo” of Paperbirds echo

He must have halloed quite forceful - i am here in southern Germany :okay:

Assalalmu Alaikum wa Rahamatullahi Taala wa Barakatuhu… wa Maghfiratuhu,

Hello? Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me? Is there anyone home?


Nod, Nod

deep breath wa 3laikum salam wa rahmatullahi ta3ala wa barakatuhu wa maghfirutuhu

Or fehemgh walut autha:blush:

Is this Turkish ?

Saalaaaaaaam :wave: laam laam laam <<<<< again ?!!:blink:

NO, that was not turkish, that was … Tachel7it i believe :unsure:

Kazin, did you say you don’t understand? Do you want a translation?

Azul LallaAicha

Rad righ mich terjamt, afam (I would like you to translate, please)

I’m back, in a land where Fajr time is upon me and children await the most unpleasant part of the day; the Rude Awakening …(don’t think I don’t try the Sweetiepie Awakening first; I do… everry…single…day…;but I know what will and what will not work, unfortunately.)


@ Kazin, all i said was a reply to Ummaryam’s “May the peace, mercy and blessing of almighty Allah be upon you, and may He forgive you”
so i replied with “And may the peace, mercy and blessing of almighty God (Allah) be upon you (also), and may He forgive you (too)”

It was in Arabic.

@ Ummaryam, LOL, thank God i don’t have anyone barging into my room early in the morning to wake me up for Fajr, my alarm clock does the job, with it’s high pitched alarm tones… sigh but it’s worth it.


saha bzav.
I hoped it was Tishelheid… and yet I can not distinguish Tishelheijd from Arabic or Darija where I don´t understand one word… :roll:

Kazin, you’re welcome :slight_smile:
And don’t worry, you’ll get there inchallah :wink: