sana 7ilwa ya gamil hhhhh

happy birthday ach :smiley:
tomorrow we’ll have a party here to celebrate ach’s birthday :^^:

ps: i noticed that in darija we dont have a song for birthdays like : happy birthday to youuuuuuu …
we either use the french one or the egyptian one ( sana 7ilwa ya gamil … )
so strange :s ive never noticed that
yalah natives ila kangolo chi 7aja b darija 9bel mantfiw chme3 w ana ma3arfhach plz share it with us :wink:

la7fdak akhaina :slight_smile:

yea i guess we didnt have a cake and candles usually in morocco on ur birthday

WTH we always have a cake and candles :s
i have a pic of my brother in his first birthday with a huuuge cake and one candle :smiley:
and that was in 1976 … im not sure if they had it before this or not

yeah i mean when i was in morocco and it was my friends birthday or my relatives birthday we didnt have a cake or candles…just a nice sou9sou and whoever birthday it was got the biggest piece of gara3 hhhhhhhhhhh

hahahahahahahhahahahaha oh thats cool :smiley: ill do it in my next birthday hehehehehehe but lame i dont eat Gr3a lol

ps- we say kseksou or seksou but never sou9sou

seksou got it

gr3a is my favorite! of everything! you can take ldjaj l7am lli bghiti ri khali lia lgr3a hhhhhhhh

hahahahahahhaha ok deal :smiley:

heppi birzday a ach… may your life be filled with happiness, success and bzzafffff dial gr3a…

thanks lalla…hhhhhhhhhh i try to remember its u writing…but all i can do is see ur avatar and imagine that hulking cromagnum horseface hhhhhhhhhh sorrrrrry

looooooool dude blzzz no insults… and i look like that dude anyway so khod ra7tek, u don’t need to imagine anything else xD

did you study zoology or something? what’s up with the terminology hhhh

he either looks like he just swallowed something REALLLLY sour…orrrr…his face is shaped like a caveman

stop hatin maaaaaaaaaaan

am i wrong though…can u see it?


let’s not ruin the thread with some LA cursing… oh nooo

Happy birthday ach, kol sana wenta tayeb, w3o2bal million sana (u get what I’m saying, right?) :slight_smile: & sana 7ilwa ya gameel ? too :smiley:

good note Mad btw about what you say on birthdays. I’ve learned that in Tunisia they say "kol 3am wenti 7aya b5ir (for female i guess)

Back to the celebrations, happy birthday to you ach and hope you’ll have a very special day :slight_smile:

thanks gretchen yeah i understood! :slight_smile:


oops ! i missed it…sorry Achmin…was it today or yesterday :blink:

anyway, haby boorthey <— messing with your darija like you mess with ours :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhhhh payback

hhhhhh chi lli kayn a shady…khattar les amerocains b7ali w b7alak