This is … since my childhood the first eid im actually really excited about. inshallah you all are enjoying the last moments of ramadan and preparing for the eid celebration… since we’re here to share and learn, i want to know what preparations you engage in for eid? what are the special things you do on this day?

Again, have a wonderful eid, all of you.

This is what the little ones do in my community, in return for lollies and some cash :slight_smile:

Over here of course we prepare in the last days cookies like ka7k, ghorayeba, and biscuits (or buy them ready-made)…On lunch most of us long to eat “renga” (that we usually eat on sham elneseem) as we couldn’t eat it in ramadan because it causes thirst so much…
On tv, you can often find exclusive movies, usually comedy ones

Eid mubarak eveyone :smiley:

Eid mubarak sa3id.

I have to wait till Tomorrow, because Ramadan in Morocco reached the 30th :slight_smile: ( & Inshallah after eid it will reach the 36th :ok: )

For the eid, & after Salat i go directly to the big house of the family where everybody gathers that day. i go the morning while its still a lil bit empty, for i’m not that much into the crowds. & so i can win th erest of the day for my own visitations with my friends…etc.
we got 7alwa ready since almost a week ago…(inshallah will remain for one week later only xD )

Aid Mubarak :wave:

SUBHANALLAHI WA L HAMDULILLAHI - WA LA ILAHA ILLA LLAHU - ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR WA LILLAHI L7AMD <— the takbir chants of the eid morning (glorified be god & thank be to him - & there’s no god but him - god is th egreatest god is the greatest god is the greatest & praise be to him )

Eid Mubarak everyone

Mebrouk l3wacher everyone.

Anyone with spare cookies, ka3b leghzal, ghriba… please send me some.

3id Mubarak everyone

THANKS EVERYBODY, eid mubarak to you all and your families. :smiley: Right now i’m flat out from munching too much on sweets and dolma, and also from washing dishes jour et nuit! And as i write this, i can hear some of the kids screaming from inside the lounge room, just great.

Salam :slight_smile: