"Rules" for Darija?

Here is what I think are some rule or categorical differences between Darija and MSA. Please tell me if I am on the right track and if there are more that you know of. I am obviously not a native speaker and I need a systematic way of understanding what is going on with the language. Shokran.

  1. No use of dual form pronouns
  2. Different verb conjugation
  3. No declension of nouns - use suffixes, prefixes and pronouns instead
  4. Less use of vowels
  5. Obviously there are a lot more loanwords, but there does not appear to be any rule for how or which ones are appropriated.

A lot of technical words are borrowed from French, particularly cars and transportation. Beyond that I haven’t run into any good rules for loan words.

Possession is different - dyâl doesn’t exist in MSA. Instead of putting pronouns on the ends of nouns to show possession, dyâl is used instead - exceptions tend to be made for family members and body parts.

These are the two that really jump out.