Risky business

Hahahaha embarrassment to the fullest

the fall was funny, but I can already see what kind of comments you’ll be getting on this vid’

i know its so strange im not gonna comment on that … lol i know lalla or admin is gonna delete this thread :smiley:

PS- she is not that pretty :S

By one person yes called the MAd… but if it bothers you guys let me know and i’ll remove it :wink:

oufff she probably got brain damaged there… who else thinks she deserved it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I do :wink:

lalla i think u must delete this video :S
otherwise i will think that its ok to post such videos in the forum :smiley: and dik sa3a hahahah chouuuuuf chkon stop me lol

hhhhh great minds think alike

still waitin for d green light :stuck_out_tongue:

the GO one? what u mean?

He wants to post naked grls videos & pictures, like the one above & the one in the other thread.

OHH, I didnt see the post before mine, sometimes they don’t show up… anyway, i don’t know if i should delete this post, i mean tafoukt’s intentions weren’t obviously bad, she just wanted to share something funny with us, im not exactly sure what Admin thinks about it… and i don’t want to just do something without her permission… anyway so far it’s only MAD that’s saying delete the post… If another 2 people say so aswell, then I guess I should… so…?

loooll duuude u know that its ok for me those kinda videos hihihi
but i heard many times that we have children in the forum from the admin looolll so i thought this vid may offend our children :smiley:
since im the only one who asked to delete it … je me retire :slight_smile: je c ke tafoukt avai une bonn intention ( looll tafi khaliha baynatna … 3arfk a jenia hhhh )

If it offends anybody i’m sorry xD you can remove it if you want LA so Madi doesn’t think that he can post naughty videos :stuck_out_tongue: jk

Mad posts naked nadia pictures but when he sees this it’s a big NO NO, we’re not admiring these girls when we look at them, we’re laughing at their stupidity… I think it can stay, as long as zi boyz don’t keep watching it, but you have been warned tafoukti :stuck_out_tongue: jk

actually i didnt noticed that she felt :smiley: when i watched the video for the first time

same here, i was too busy looking at the flower pot :smiley: