restaurant etiquettes

what can i say to someone who has made brilliant food (even if its not brilliant, what can i say as a positive thanks)

any other useful expressions? drop them here :wink:


well i know that after a meal you would say to the host : llah ykhlif - may God reward you
or you could also say bss77a - to your health
it can be said to someone after eating, drinking, wearing new close, coming from 7mmam, or hair cut

the food is delicious - lmakla bnina …even if its not :stuck_out_tongue: lol

lmakla bnina is gonna be useful nchallah, i think bssa77a would be what he/she says to me before or after i eat, this is what im planning on saying:

lmakla kant bnina bzzaaaf walla a sidi / a lalla, tbarakallah 3likoum w llah y3tikom l3azz w ssa77a w lbaraka nchallah… im just not sure if baraka is used in darija as “blessing”

thanks dudette :wink:

sounds good (:
…and baraka is used in darija

your welcome :slight_smile:

awesome, thanks :]]]]]

:slight_smile: well hope it goes good at that moroccan restaurant
and when you do go, tell me about the food :stuck_out_tongue: mmmm

lol sure thing, im thinking of 7arira and some side dips… its so darn expensive :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll post on the forum straight after inshallah

ah, moroccan 7rira…thats all i ever eat during ramadan lol …so delicious

inchallah, i’ll be waiting :stuck_out_tongue: i love tlking about food lol

looool i’ll be explaining to u what happened more than how the food was :stuck_out_tongue:

It is used as blessing, but also used as “enough” & “stop”, so u need to know where to use it.

for bsse77a, it’s actually the host that will tell you that after offering you food… or the waiter after serving you… Bsse77a w rra7a, the would say.

I wouldn’t say ALlah ye3tikom l3ezz, it sounds too slang to me…

are you planning to tell the waiter that?

Anyway, here is my suggestion

Tbarkellah 3likom, lmakla bnina bzzaf. Allah ye3tikom sse77a!

we usually say Allah ye3tik sse77a to anyone who does a good job, and it fits very well in the context of someone cooking something goooood

it depends on the waiter :stuck_out_tongue: if it’s a girl yeah why not, if it’s a guy i have other things to say jjjjjjjj and no not what you’re thinking, i’ll ask: wech 3ndek kht? bghit n3arefha :stuck_out_tongue: