Renting a car in Spain - Crossing into Morocco?


This is the first time I am going to attempt renting a car in Spain and catching the ferry to Morocco. Are there restrictions on renting a car and bringing it into Morocco? My Uncle has done it many times, but that was a quite a few years ago, I hear that recently most companies are not allowing this. Does anyone know? Madridista?

you can come to morocco, then try to rent a car here.

I know I can do that. I do that every time I go to Morocco.

Cars in Morocco are not good. I rather rent a nicer vehicle for the same price in Spain…

lol, everything is missed up in morocco. from unfaithful guys to twisting cars :smiley:

Not all the time lol.

I find in Morocco they rent out economy cars for the same price you can get a higher end car in Spain.

yeah its messed up. i still encourage you to support the moroccan economy instead of spanish!!!

I support it enough as it is, when I go on vacation.

Maybe if less people rent in Morocco, they will reasonably price their vehicles.

no they will just make them more expensif jjjjjjjjjjj…and make a law that says you have to rent from them jjjjjjjjjj

A little off the subject - but does anyone have any information about renting cars IN Morocco?? According to the above conversation (and what I hear from family) it is expensive - as expensive or more than in the EU and the US.

Do you know of any cheaper places to rent from? What companies are good?

Also, how hard is it to learn to drive manual transmission? hahaha - This, I will have to learn!!