Religion in SM

i think a forum for religion is missing in SM …
plz admin if u can add it … its gonna be great
as they said " addin afyoun acho3oub ‘’ :stuck_out_tongue: i need my dose of it right now

Excuse me admins & Mad,

For this suggestion to come from you,Mad that reminds me of a scene from film “elgardal wel kanaka” when they were defending 'emselves in the court. Then Adel Imam said to the jury, while taking off the sunglasses from Sherine,“onzoro ila haza lwagh almala2iki albare2”, exposing bruises and black circle 'round her eye :smiley: With many respects to Modi, my lil bro :o)

Seriously Mad, how Religion differ in Morocco than any other Arab or Muslim country? I’d rather have a thread or section for Moroccan culture and tradition in general… :hm:

duuuuuuuuuuude there r jews and chrestians in morocco … besides , ppl who wanna learn darija arent forced to be muslims
and yeah i agree about the section for moroccan culture …

How about turning the Ramadan forum (which is used only one month a year) to a Religions forum?

If you want, we can add the cultural forum too.

Let me know, and I can do that in 2 minutes.

I think thats a great idea… Mad you surprise us all with what’s in that tete of yours, but don’t try to paint our eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Admin
yes yes do it plz

@ LA
im doin all that to get that stinky story :stuck_out_tongue:


Now if you think the forums should be rearranged in a different order, or of that 10 forums block should be divided in 2, do make suggestions.

Anything you want.

SO, does that mean we can include our religious discussions in that section? Coz culture and religion are pretty much parallel.

@ Sheikh Mad,
try harder :stuck_out_tongue:

thnx admin :wink:

@ LA
dont worry about me , ill get it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t actually understand… Religion and culture are two separate forums.
We can probably move to the cultural forum all the cultural discussions we had in the past in the various topics forum. I will have to dig into that. Feel free to do the same, LA.

Sorry Admin, I didn’t see that you changed the Ramadan section into Religion, that’s why I asked the question. Now I see. :slight_smile:
Thanks again