really short and i reallllly need help! thanks!

hey everyone, i need to know what this means in English:

“pssssss pssssssss eww manchofoch”

it’s very short i just need the translation i think they were trying to get the attention with pssss psss but i need to know the rest. thank you soooo much!!

ewa ma nshofosh -------------> soooo … can’t we/i take a look ?

it can also mean that he’s asking for a chance, ma nshofosh as can’t i try my chance with you.

Thank you!
So what does that mean exactly? She wants to talk to me or look at something im confused…

well…it depends on the context & the situation, tell me who, when & where, & i’ll try to tell you why.

i dont think we have talked in awhile… im not sure who it is there are two people it might be im trying to figure it out… it was over msn. one of them i talked to a week ago and the other one i havent talked to in a long time… so idk which girl it is that is trying to contact me