rass derb, fokaha & more...

I see rass dderb and fokaha around a lot so i’m wondering what they mean. i know rass is head and dderb is to hit/strike/shoot/etc. but i would still like an explanation for it.

Also i cannot tell when to use 3lech and lech or achno and chno, what makes them different? when i want to say why? i can’t decide whether to say 3lech or lech, so blleeeease clarify that for me before i look like a retard turk trying to speak darja… cough :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway thanks again in advance.


I guess you saw these in Moroccan forums. They are the equivalent of our “Fun Zone”.
Fokaha is a MSA word. [large]???[/large]. It means humour.
You went astray on derb in râs ddrb. If you can read Arabic letters, it’s [large]??? ???[/large], not [large]??? ???[/large]. Two different things. You changed dâl of derb to Dâd, and you made street become hitting ;).
So râs ddrb means the corner of the street. Synonymous of that corner where the guys of l7ôma (ddrb, neighborhood) gather to chat and have fun, and also to pick on girls or watch them pass by.

3lâsh = Why?
Lâsh = What for?
So try to see the difference between: Lâsh jîtî? Lâsh? And 3lâsh jîtî?

As for ashnô and shnô, they are absolutely the same thing. It’s just that the first wanted to wear an A hat to look different ;). It just depends on the accent. Ashnô is the originial word, shnô is just a shorter form of the same word. Use any of the two, and it will be fine.

I hope that this will make you a better darija-speaking-turk-person. :slight_smile: