I was at the store with my mother, when she started giving me the cold shoulder, i was asking if she would please loan me some money for some books i wanted to buy (would you say that as: slfi liya chwiya mn lflous hafak bach nchri chi katouba??), i tried saying something to her in darija, but of course i fumbling with my words like i always do so i just walked out the store aggravated with myself…

this is what i tried to say:
“i try to ask you something and you just walk away from me like i’m not even here, then you say something so random, i ask you what are you talking about, and you look at me like i’m stupid”

this is all i could come up with:
“kan 7awl souwllik chi7aja w kat … mn … ba7l ana makaynach, … glti chi7aja … souwltk ach kat hadri, w kat choufi fiya ba7l ana chi makallkha”

:unsure: ???

thanks in advance :hap:

Your 1st books request is correct.

About the second phrase, it’s not 100% correct but it’s pretty understandable, i’m sure whoever read it would understand it, i’m just wondering wether i would understand it if i hear it from your mouth :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew i said it right about the book on! :smiley:
So what would make the 2nd sentence at least 99% correct? i’m missing stuff… :hm:

hahahaha, probably not 'cause i’d be thinking about it too much :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhh mimi keep it up

yes i agree support and love for your darija learning and relations with your mother habibtna

lol mimi dats funny haha :smiley:

yeah! …especially the relations with my mother part :stuck_out_tongue:

nice to know you guys were a bit humored, even though i feel dumb :roll:

Na u dnt seem dumb coz of dis its just a typical teen thing we all can relate too hehehe

hahaha, true. :stuck_out_tongue:
though i really wished i didnt choose that moment to spit some darija, i felt idiotic…
even though my mom was the only one who understood me, but some old lady did looked at me weird :smiley: lol

its all right dear, sometimes its not easy to please our mothers…but that makes us better

thanks ach…at times i feel its impossible, but i love her anyways (: