random translation request

this is going to sound really silly, but please could some one translate to moroccan arabic

‘have you got a lighter’?

e’tanee benabek, take care (i think thats what im tring to say) :^^:

dawny (aicha)

Oh, you’re a smoker?

Light = Brîkî. [The French word, briquet)
Have you got = 3ndk?

‘have you got a lighter’? = 3ndk brîkî?

E3tanî (take care) is a MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) word.
Benabek… You know what nab means? It means eyetooth :D. [Not sure that’s the correct word though!]
You actually wanted to say: t-hllay f rask (to a female)/ T-hlla f rask (for a masculine) = Take care of yourself.

:mdr: shukran bezef

Lâ shukra 3alâ wâjib :).