Random convo translation

Can someone please translate this? I’m trying to learn many darija words to add to my own personal dictionary. Also, I want to understand what they are saying.

I know that the gist was that one of the guys was telling the other guy he was being a “3niba” and trying to get a greencard. (I’m not sure if the rest of this convo is still on that topic or not…) Sorry it’s kind of long but I know context is everything in this language. :slight_smile: THANK Y

Guy 1: Khassna n3awdo n3bro nchofo ach tma
Guy 2: lol dk l3bar 3nd lkhiyata 9adi chghol. Wednek t3berha la bghiti (I know this means I want - woohoo!! I do know a few words - LOL!)
Guy 3: Afirrakom a s7abat tbaben
Guy 1: Kayn ghir bou3lam
Guy 1: “Unfortunately”
Guy 2: Dirhom admins asal bch ywello ybano lol
Guy 3: Kayn female urologues fl maghrib
Guy 3: W mn ba3d
Guy 1: Choghlek hadak
Guy 2: hhhhhhh wayeah, ta 7na maglna walo aba (guy 3’s name)
Guy 1: “Just sayin”
Guy 3: Titiz (I know this means like hot girls??)
Guy 2: l7arim
Guy 1: lgnfoud
Guy 3: sekto wla nzid ntelle3 chi 4 khrin l 7arim
Guy 1: dir hta mamak admin chkon tmezek
Guy 2: Telle3 ta 20 aba Guy3, kolchi dyalk asat
Guy 3: La mamak hia lwla
Guy 1: Tbarklah 3lik l adan o swab
Guy 1: Adab
Guy 1: Mama ghatwli admin
Guy 1: Ghat3od thin liya lftour lgroup ga3 mankhrej
Guy 3: Kijakom lbartoush
Guy 1: Style Hipster dyal 9oraych
Guy 1: Mal s9eff mayl
Girl 1: says Guy3’s name, “can I join you?”
Guy 1: Hayna bnadem irfe3 lm3nawiyat chwiya
Guy 1: Lrasso
Girl 1: Kteb (guy 3’s name) f message
Guy 2: Dour berbertouch a Guy3 rah rze9 dayr z3ma
Guy 1: Jatk had lpartiya fchkel a girl1?

:we should measure it again to see what in it
lol that tailor Measurement is enough . your can measur ur ears if u want
wher are u pussy ladies
ther is only bou3lam
make them admins so they can show up lol
are ther is eny urologues in morocco
and ?
its ur bisnes
hahahahhah yeah . we did not say enything bro (guy num 3)
just saying
l7arim ( or harem mean like a bunch of girls or a place to have sex its like an old word and btw 7 mean h in moroccan skript )
shut up or im gona add 4 ppl to the harem
u can make ur mome the admin if u want
u can add 20 ppl if u want evrythin is yours lol
ur mome first
god protect adnan ( name) and sawb ( ithink its a username)
adab ( mean shiiit or hell )
my mom gona be the admin
i dont understand this line lol
how did u find the bartoush ( bartouch mean appartment or a place to have sex lol )
a hipster style
why the roof is diagonal
its ok person to have fun
by himself
write guy 3 name in a message
i did not get this line
did u get this weird girl1 ??? hes asking her
hope i translat this for u even its very long and in moroccan u have to konw the context first

Thank you so much for taking time to do this for me. It was very helpful!!