Ramadan Mubarak...

for all the musulmans among us…

[large]Que cette occasion nous apporte tous: bonne santé, joie, bonheur, amitié, paix et amour.[/large]

je me permets vous souhaiter un beau Ramadan et une belle “laylatou al qadr”. :slight_smile:

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you. I wish you all a blessed month full of good deeds, 3ibadah, and mercy. May your fasting and good deeds be accepted.
Thank you all for the wishes :).

Mabrouk el 3wacher to the members of our forum and all the Muslims. May Allah Soub7anahou wa Ta3ala make of this month of mercy, one month of leniency and blessing for us all. Allahouma amine

I also wish to all Muslims Happy Ramadan Kareem.