Ramadan Kareem 2009 :D

OMG!!! lol ur opinion but it is NOT snobbish thats what I mean when I h8 when our accents protrayed as posh and snobbish when it soooooooooo is not! we don’t speak like the queen or the members of parliament believe me lol haha “do u like some tea?” everyone says that! :mdr:

yikhhhh American accent :stuck_out_tongue: sounds like bubble gum to me :roll: lol

Tafoukt, thanks :hap: the australian accent likes you too :smiley:

Mini, I TOTALLY KNOW HOW U FEEL GIRL!!! we get people thinking we always say “CRIKEY” just coz it was the croc hunter’s favorite word… before he passed away

bubble gum?! hahaha like the way they stretch their words and have that sound which I cant explain but im sure u know what I mean haha :^^: (r there any Americans on this site?? We’re like dissin theyre accent LOL :huh:) haha yea Crikey lol poor man what a way to die :blink: haha but u lot do say “mate” a lot right? :cool:

Hahaha okay i believe you blood :stuck_out_tongue: is it true that u call cigarettes for ‘fags’? and if it is, is it common :mdr: xD

Okay enough about the british accent, swedish is even worse hahaha… i wonder how swedish sounds to you non-swedish speakers :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha thank the australian accent for me xP

haha yea some ppl call em fags and its quite common or ppl just say cigarette LOL haha Swedish is a funny languauge to listen to it has this specific tune lwhen u talk and that mirrors when u speak English too hehe

we call them sigs, not that i do it though ;p
i’ve never heard the swedish accent, might check it out on youtube or something :smiley:

what’s so funny is when americans or brits try imitating the aussie accent, they sound like a texan xD

haha thats funny! I can’t do it :S its just that u have a different way to pronounce each word, sometimes its heavy or lightly said hehe :smiley:

Lol we like to swallow sounds, a bit like moroccans and algerians :smiley:

The Holy month is about to end, anybody bought “7wayj l3id” yet ? :rofl:

yusss i got my outfit :smiley: and i bought presents for the little ones that visit my house ! inshallah it will be a great day

vas abovt yu a sidi?

nope ! i’m 22, thats too old for 7wayj l3id !! i just wear my clean respectful fo9iya or jellaba with a hat, & it look like i have new cloths…no one will ask me if i bought it or had it already anyway, what matters is to apear in a good manner :ok:

bssa7a your outfit, i’ll come visit you on 3id ! may be i get few cents like other lil ones :stuck_out_tongue:

ahahh you’re older than me so you’re the one who is supposed to give me a few cents :smiley:

jellaba or fo9iya, nice! maybe next eid i’ll wear a djellaba too hhhhh

salam and saha 3idkom everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sad Ramadans nearly over :cry:
But yes got my outfit too alhamdulilah, and May Allah make the day joyous for all and may we do it on the same day too ameen 3idkum mubarak in advance peeps! :smiley:

ameeeeeeen :smiley: enjoy too mini!! eat lots of baklava OKAY?! :slight_smile:

I actually dont like baqlawa cough :unsure: its sooooo bad! haha I just like my English sweets :lol: lol but I do like Maqlooda :smiley: have u heard of it? its an Algerian sweet made out of dates and covered in this powdery stuff, had it everyday 4 breakfast when I was there last year LOL :cool: