ramadan: breaking fast

hello! Ramadan Mabrouk to all of you.
during these holy days of ramadan i’m praticing fast and i’m increasing meditation and i’m also searching for more knowledge.
my question is: what should you say when breaking/beginning ramadan fasting? i tried to google but i obtained only one answer… and i’m sure you in here know best :^^: . Also,i don’t know why,i was quite sure that when you break fast you should recite Fatiha
waiting for answers.
Baraka Allahu fikoom

lol. thank you bot, for bumping this on the forum. sarahzina2 i dont know the answer to your question in my experience we have just said bsmillah like always before eating the fitour. maybe for some more deeply practicing muslimin there is a different tradition.

first , we r so sorry for bein late … such questions must be answered so fast …

about recitin the fati7a , ive never heard about this in islam …
as ach said u can say bismillah even though its better to say :

allahoma ini laka somt wa 3ala riz9ika aftart, wa bika amant, dahaba dama2o wa btallati al 3oro9 , wa tabata al ajro inchallah .

or just the first part : allahoma ini laka somt wa 3ala riz9ika aftart