Ramadan and weather

I don’t know for your countries but in France, the fasting time is get really loooooooooooong since few years. I don’t know what the schedule will be for this year, maybe 4.45 - 22.00. That’s dangerous :blink:.

How do they do in northern countries?

Ramadan is getting into the middle of the summer these years, & it will take like another 4 to 6 years till the day gets a lil shorter again.

For this year, & in Morocco it’s 3:40 - 19:50 GMT 00, works for me ! because the day didn’t just got longer suddenly, it’s been in phases in years :ok: especially it was with me growing up, each year i get bigger the day get longer, so it was easy for me to get on well with fasting…Al Hamdu Li’Llah.

For me it will be long this year. I live in a pretty northern city in and the days are long.

Next year will be even harder, sometimes we only have darkness from 11:45pm till 2:30 AM during the summer.