Raiss Tijani


I love this music! It’s new, bouncing, and a real cultural mix.
Let me know how you find it!

Le mariage entre berbère et rap (c’est bien ça?) donne ce que vous voyez là.
I love you tasano si tu veux bien de moi…takh. LOL

wow- its very nice sis. i didn’t get to see the whole vid, cuz- i have dial up-- :frowning: if u can post or send me some good music sites that be great-… :slight_smile:

personnelement j’adore le melange !!! merci Butterfly !!!

Hm…I don’t have any in mind right now, but I normally go to youtube and look for what I want. Or I listen to Moroccan radios. Have you ever tried any?

Moi aussi ça m’a plus :^^:. Même si les filles qui dancaient là étaient un peu hors contexte, j’aurais aimé avoir plus de berbère là dedans que de rap.

if i use youtube- i have to let it sit to completely hear it- with dial up u get alot of cutting up-- there is no Moroccan radios station in my area- :cry:

but, i can go to bear share and look for some songs- just name me afew good singers- and i can search them- and leave the pc on to download them… :okay:
That i can do… :okay:

Singers, let’s see: Daoudi, Jedwan, Latifa Raafat, Abdelhadi Belkhayat, Dokkali…and much more. That’s from the top of my head.
You may want to check about Tagadda too. Let us know if you like any of your findings.