Racism in the elevator

ok racism isn’t funny but this video is …
I can’t actually remember if i’ve shared this video with you guys before, anyway enjoy
sorry about the language =/


I don’t know if you already did, but I’ve already seen it, and I never get tired of it.
What I like even more is the alternate version lollll


I KNOWWW, how he actually physically “beats her racist a** to the ground” hhhh

hhhhhhhahahahaha omg, you’re actually saying the bad words! Shame!

Here is another one:

oooppps, gotta edit the post before mad gets here.

LOLLL i like how this dude acts, do you have a word in darija for when someone acts all ostentatiously, and sort of in a show off manner?

I first thought the guy was an Arab. I felt some kind of connection with him lolll

Would “being full of oneself” do? I am suggesting it because it’s translated almost similarly in Darija: chi wa7ed elli 7ass braso. We7da elli 7assa braseha.

LOLL ARAB? nah he’s black african american i suppose, but yeah he could pass as North African yeah :smiley:

aha that could be it, thankssss noting it down

Well, not just north African, he could be any Arab… He looks tanned to me.

oh really? he looks blonde to me :smiley: joke.