Rabat to host international colloquium on 'Moroccan-African cooperatio

Rabat, 14 Nov. 14 (MAP) -Morocco’s capital, Rabat, will host an international colloquium on “Morocco’s cooperation with African countries,” on November 19-20.

Organized by the Institut des Etudes Africaines (African Studies Institute) and the faculty of legal, economic and social sciences, the colloquium seeks, according to organizers, to take stock of Moroccan-African cooperation over the past five years and to ponder on new prospects to consolidate achievements and widen the scope of cooperation between morocco and African countries in a globalized world, a press release of the Rabat-based African Studies Institute said.

Organizers said Morocco has developed long-standing cooperation ties with several African countries, which are further reinforced by the strong presence of diplomatic missions, Moroccan state-owned and private companies as well as by the importance of Moroccan diaspora in Africa.

The colloquium is due to address the following themes: “the framework of cooperation between Morocco and other African countries,” “Moroccan-African cooperation: dimensions and objectives”, “economic cooperation,” “scientific, cultural and religious cooperation,” “technical cooperation,” “cooperation in the areas of food security and health,” and “cooperation and governance”.

The meeting will bring together mainly researchers, diplomats and experts. Representatives of 15 Moroccan ministries, public institutions, national and international NGOs and Moroccan and foreign academicians are expected in the meeting.

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