quickkk ... please in need of a short translation asap choukran

and what do is say to reply to that? I’m thinking that hes asking me if i’m learning how to speak the moroccan language? if so, How can i respond saying that I’m trying to learn it… and God will I will speak it perfectly one day.

The sentence says “Where did you learn Darija/Moroccan Arabic?”.
It looks like someone is impressed with your Darija. We Moroccans always love it to see non-Moroccans speaking our language.

Let us know what you want to say in response to help you with it.

Ahhhhh ok thank you… I thought it was saying “Are you learning Moroccan arabic?” :confused: lol.
How can I simply say “I teach myself from the internet.”… in arabic and or french ^^ merciiiiiiiiiii

kant3lam rasi enligne

decided to put arabic and french into one sentence :^^:

It’s better to say kant3lam bou7di en ligne
@ s.h.a9iza if you want to use “rasi” you have to put an L before it “kant3lam[color=#F50942] l[/color] rasi en ligne”

thx hanane, i didn’t know that

the problem is i’ll probably forget that rule when speaking arabic :cry:

never mind s.h.a9iza your arabic is very good :slight_smile:

s.h.a9iza, I think that you actually wanted to say: I teach myself: kan3ellem rasi, but Hanane thought about kant3ellem l rasi, I learn by myself.
The extra T of s.h.a9iza confused Hanane, and the extra L of Hanane confused s.h.a9iza.

Bottom line:
[b]- Kan3ellem = I teach.

  • Kant3ellem = I learn[/b]