quick translations

Hi again. I was wondering if you can please translate these phrases.

-anti jamila
-ha ismaki ilis
-ana orid an ahdr ma3ki
-asamak lah
-malki mabarach tjawbi

Thanks ahead of time! :^^:

Sure mmks.

-anti jamila --> MSA --> You (f.s) are beautiful.
-ha ismaki ilis --> MSA --> Is your name Ilis?
[color=#0767F7]–> Typo, it’s hal not ha![/color]
-ana orid an ahdr ma3ki --> LOL MSA + Darija = funny! --> I want to talk to you.
-asamak lah --> Darija --> What’s your name?
[color=#0536F9]–> This is a typical Moroccan expression. Instead of the simple “ashnu smiyytk?” (literally: what is your name), people would say “ash smmâk Allah?”, literally: What did God call you?/What did God give you as a name?[/color]
-malki mabarach tjawbi --> Darija --> Why don’t you want to answer?

omg i loved asamak lah LOLLLLL, i am SO noting that down xD wow

hahaha thank you sooo much!! :smiley:

what is LOL MSA ??? :hm:

means: ??? ?? ??? , bezaf dyal da7k

Worth mentioning that the correct structure as I wrote is “ash smmâk Allah”, but sh and s getting together turn into: Assmmâk Allah, indeed. And we do not prunounce the A in the beginning of Allah, just like hamzatu wasl in MSA, so the final result is: Assmmâk 'llah. I awlays write Allah as it is, ism jalala.

Thanks Anisa for explaining.

Abeer, LOL is for laughing, of course you know that. I laughed at the mixture of MSA and Darija. MSA is Modern Standard Arabic, or say the formal Arabic used in writing and media.

:ok: fhamt :ty: