Quick Translation Request

could anyone help me to translate this short message set to me in an email? it’s from a friend, (it’s not the entire message so i hope it makes sense):

ssalawati wa da3awati laki b ttawfi9 inchaa allah

Choukrane bzef for your time, i appreciate it very much and look forward to finding out later

myriam x

Salam Myriam :).

ssalawati wa da3awati laki b ttawfi9 inchaa allah
–> My prayers for you to be succefull, God willing.

Your friend there used two words:
Salawat, plural of salat, which is for Muslims the prayer we perform as one of the 5 pillars. But Christians use it to refer to an invocation.
Da3awat, plural of du3a, and that’s what we call invocation in Arabic.

Just to show you the difference/similarity between the two words used.

:^^: choukran simplymoroccan, your translation and explanation are both helpful and informative.

My pleasure :).