Quick translation please

can please someone tell me what those messages mean?

Kun geltliha liya kun jit 3ndek…

Knt anji l nice had weekend mal9itsh m3amn ou ana annuler

Rah bash nswssl l nice atkhssnu wahed 16 hours
O lundi rah 9rib

Ana jay daba

Nsit ra9m lbab

Ana lteht

Thank you very much!

If I had told her I would have come to your house…
I was going to come to Nice this weekend but I didn’t find who to come with so I cancelled
To come to Nice he needs like 16 hours
And monday is near
I’m going now
I forgot the number of the door
I’m down in the street (like he’s waiting in the street for someone to open the door)

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