Questions about the culture? FIRE AWAY

Salam eveyone! So! I ve been working in the non-profit field for a little over a decade, and was a volunteer for even longer, and part of it is meeting people from everywhere who are doing amazing trying to adapt to the Moroccan culture (learn Dialect, adapt their fashion, try to make friends etc.). However, i often found that some times, there are questions that are left unanswered due to their sensitive nature, or fear to upset your fellow Moroccan colleagues/friends/ partner or spouse etc…

So, here you go! I’d like us to have a safe space, where we can talk openly. Im Moroccan but i ll never speak on the behalf of everyone; maybe the majority. And even then, it will be fairly influenced by my upbringing as a capital city native, who was brought up in a half Arab half amazigh, pretty liberal and Islam practicing house.

Im thinking, for those based in Rabat, lets have coffee somewhere cute for not over 2 hours. For those not so close, lets find an online platform where you can ask me live and have everyone listen and interract (let’s also put a timer on that too haha).

Im fluent in French as well, and lived in South Korea for about 6 years, and i consider myself pretty comfortable in English, so that should cover most of the languages you guys reading this can speak, right?

I genuinely want this to become something what i needed way back when i was away from home for over a decade, trying to adapt and understand the best i can, this culture i ll be part of for a while. So, lets be kind, candid, never assume anyone is coming from a place of judgment. Mkay guys?

Let me know what you think!