Question on 3end - to have

Salaam, I know how to conjugate ‘to have’ - 3end in present time but I can’t find the past conjugation and the future conjugation anywhere. Can someone help me out?

And could you add the translation of these sentences?

-When I was 20 years old I had a car

  • One day I will have a lot of money


the past of ‘to have’
you can add ‘kane’ to be ‘kane 3endi’
future of ‘to have’
you can add ‘radi weli’ to be ‘radi weli 3endi’
for the two sentence you like to translate it:

Men li kante 3andi 3echrine 3ame kanete 3andi toumobile

Wahede nhare radi weliwo 3andi bezaf dyale fellous

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