question for the boys

Lads be honest and mad be serious lol :cool:

Me and my m8s cant comprehend why oh why muslim dudes will always feel the need to make cheesy comments if a group of hijaabi’s go pass but when it comes to non hijaabi’s and non muslims who r showing more they’ll look but wont make a stupid comment (some might but the ones in my area dont)

Do u think hijaabis r attractive and boys generally like what they see or do boys just like giving poor muslim girls a hard time?? Coz I really don’t know y we wear the 7ijaab (which wer supposed to to avoid men lookin at us) but instead we get checked out my groups of men (some r flippin old as well grrrrrrr :fouet:) when we go pass them I just don’t understand whyyyyyyyyy?? :hm:

k id understand if the girls were wearing looooooads of makeup but some dont and the same happens to them :hm:

zi question iz: 3lech?!! :blink:

I don’t get it either…cuz what usually happens is the opposit, no one harras the Hijabi, while any other girl can be harrassed. that’s just obvious & that’s what happens.
but for the odd case you’re bringing up…it does happen too…

…i’ll tell you 3lash later.

I personaly am attracted to Hijabis…perhaps some boys express this attraction by throwing comments on Hijabis, cuz in their (& my) point of view Hijabis deserve compliments more than other girls.

:no: not with the Hijab girls wear today !! this is the answer to your “3lechhhhhhh”…
because we boys (though i don’t harras girls) find no use from the hijab if all it covers is the hair !! Hijab is not the headscarf, nor religously nor literally…many girls think that Hijab is to cover hair & that’s absolutely wrong.
& that’s 3lech a girl who has a headscarf but wears jeans & narrow tops…etc is just equal to other ones who show their hair & put make up.

  • “Hijab potable, hijab malisi, hijab decapotable, hijab climatisé” - Lotfi DK - “Kavia”

“but for the odd case you’re bringing up…it does happen too…”

no believe me this is not an odd thing 4 me, its a daily battle and its killllllllllllllllling me!!! :cry:

“Hijabis deserve compliments more than other girls.”

why though?? coz we’d just get freaked out…well i would anyway, by the ‘compliment’ which we wouldn’t see as one lol
annnnnnnnnnd theyre not compliments thyre stuuuuuuuuuuupid cheesy “salams” or “mashallah” said in a pervy way yekh! :hm: like we need that :roll:

“I personaly am attracted to Hijabis”

kifech?? is it the modesty or what and is it different to non hijaabi’s? sowwy bssa7 this is what i really wanna know :hap:

yeah ur right, i understand when girls wear tight trousers and tops that reveal everything and just their hair is covered but wb the girls that wear the full 7ijaab with the khimar and jilbaab too? the comments are still there and the dreaded looks :hm:

and the horrible thing isat these things happen with men not boys men! boys will look at u a few times and then u get the gist they prob fancy u but men…lets not start :fouet:

btw thanks papers for ur feedback, much appreciated :hap: :okay:

:frowning: that means that i cant reply …

[quote=mini91]“I personaly am attracted to Hijabis”

kifech?? is it the modesty or what and is it different to non hijaabi’s? sowwy bssa7 this is what i really wanna know :hap:[/quote]
It really depends more on the girl’s character. but i often feel more comfortable being with Hijabis than when being with others.
I like the fact that they’re shy & stuff…(of course i’m talkin about ones who are well covered).
In my clas for example, i usually/sometimes sit next to some non-hijabies, buty they’e really nice & cute girls…still have this shyness & there’s no reason not to be comfortable toward them. i mean we talk we share stuff… The same thing for my hijabis classmates…but i just feel attracted to them kinda lil bit more…i just don’t really get it…it’s just planted inside me that way !

yeah…it is a sore sight when i see men with their moustages & perhaps have wives & children, sounding the horn on any women passing by… like “need a ride?” or sth… :no:

awwwwwww ur soooooo cute papers, thanks for sharing :hap:

tell me about it or when they slow their car down so that they can give u a smile or a wave (like wth r they xpecting a wave back??! :blink:)

@mad: dude u can answer when u choose to be serious like papers but if not then its best not to say nyfin lol :wink:

nyfin :^^:

haha ur such a joka dude hahaha


thanx mini for this topic i really likeit. and like you i have the same problem i used to wear just the head scarf as paper said and i always get teased by men so i changed my way of dressing to more modest and mooooooore covering and guess what?? its gone worst grrrrrrrrrr i really started to hate men (i know there are some good ones out there but i really cant see any )

ur welcome hun :hap:

omg tell me about it girl, poor us! if only men could just keep their eyes to themselves, and treat us as they would want any other man to treat their sisters/daughters etc :unsure:

Mini !! u live in UK right ? u did not tell us wether the guys that usually harras you are muslims or not ?
If not, then it’s all clear…

yes theyre ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Muslims thats y its so horrible dude!!! :cry: can u believe i feel more comfortable goin past or sittin next to non muslim dudes on the train etc then i would muslim ones :hm:

ofcourse i agree with u mini … its good to hang out with non muslims , they really know what does respect mean . but muslims lol dunno if i can call them muslims coz really they have nothin to do with islam … they really ignore the meaning of respect others privacy

ur tellin me :hm: no concept of privacy and absolutely no concept of decency :fouet: i can count on my hand the amount of decent dudes that havent stared me up wallah its shameful :no:

if ur living in the UK then maybe for them, they can see from your clothes that you’re muslima, so then they want to spit game @ you…bc that’s familiar, bc thats what they are going for…not for a non-muslim girl…only advice i could give you is…get uglier? jjjjjjjj

but i have seen sometimes this also happens in a place where every girl, mohajjaba or not is muslim, so in that case i would say: the mystery is the attraction…they dont know exactly what the girl looks like so they can use their imaginations :S…

either way, i think hijab is to help those male minds that are already seeking purity and the right way to not be distracted in spite of their struggle…maybe you cant expect it 2 be a defense against pervy dudes as much…in the end if you know what you are doing and wearing is good, you should try to let your mind rest: the problem is with them…but i know its not easy.

ok i can kinda relate to this, although it isn’t only muslim men that stare… indians kill it when it comes to “who can stare the most”… i wanna give each one of 'em a gold medal… no racism intended but i can say that 99.99% of indian dudes ive seen stare at muslim and non muslim girls like a cow stares at trains (turkish idiom here)… i think people stare and say things, not always because they wanna be sleezy but because they also admire the fact that we can still look so great with the hijab… and with hijab i mean girls who wear it properly, not just a cloth on their head and then the rest of their body out there like its some sort of disco party… like PB said, hijab isn’t just a headpiece, it means you have to FULLY dress modestly…

Gladly we don’t have as many sleezebags here where i’m at, and it really depends on how you present yourself as a hijabi, you need to keeo it cool… there are so many things i wanna do and say in public, i wanna cuss my head off sometimes at the things people do and say, BUT i keep my mouth shut because i remember that i’m not just representing myself, but a whooooooooooooole nation of hijabis and MUSLIMS in fact… people won’t say “oh look what that girl just said”, they’ll say “oh look at what that muslim girl just said”… so reprezentin fkol makan :wink:

and sorry to be answering this question although im not a boy…

mmmm get uglier?? now that harder done then said eh? haha lol
thanks for ur input ach, like what u said :okay:

go aicha, go aicha, go aicha, go aicha!!!

loved everything u said mashallah :hap: as for wanting to cuss them down i know exactly what u mean and agree with u and as a side note dont cuss em they like it when a girl gets fiesty and that’ll just encourage them
we just have to keep tellin ourselves: sabr sabr sabr sabr sabr…:wink:

girls :stuck_out_tongue: if u need a bodyguard u know my number :smiley: