Question - Ara > English

Can someone translate this for me into English:

[q]?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??.. ??? ???.. ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???.[/q]

I am a student of MSA, so I understand most of it, but I am sure that some of it doesn’t make sense, or at least is incorrect.

From my understanding, it says something like: “I need help, I have started but I do not have any time since I work full-time.”
The first part I believe says something about Christmas shopping?

Can someone please tell me exactly what it means, and point out any errors there might be?

Thank you!

As you suspected, the sentence is not grammatically correct. I’ll need to know what the original sentence is in order to suggest the correct way to say it. Here is the exact translation of your sentence as it is:
No - My country - Christmas - Shopping for me… I need help. It had started, and I don’t have any time - of the times (?) - since I started working full time.

Note: It’s not “I have started” (bada2to), it’s “it had started” (laqad bada2a).

As you can see, the first sentence doesn’t make sense.

I am not quite sure what the person was trying to say to be honest. But thank you! hahaha