Question about Moroccan women's cloths

I have a question about women’s clothes. Next week we are going to Moroccan Event, it says “formal or Moroccan attire required”. I have couple of Moroccan dresses that my husband’s sister send me as a gift, since I never wore them anywhere I decided to wear one of them that is more appropriate to the weather and occasion. However, the style of the dress is without the belt and without the hood, I looked at the pictures from the previous similar event and noticed that all women are wearing dresses with belts. I don’t know now whether my dress will be appropriate for the evening or not… I didn’t ask my husband about that yet but Im pretty sure that he doesn’t know. I would post a pic here but I don’t know how to upload them. Please!!! Let me know! I really want to wear traditional clothes, but don’t want to look “underdressed” :slight_smile:

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It’s normal for the dresses not to have a hood. When it has a hood, then it’s a jellaba, that’s what Moroccan women wear to go out, in daily life.
The ones without hoods can either be: Takshita or Qeftan. The first is a double dress, and definitely needs a belt. The second is a single dress, and last year’s trend was to wear it without the belt, but you get a stylish huge pin that you use on the back of your dress. (I am a bad describer here). Anyways, it’s manageable to wear it if you don’t have an appropriate belt. (Moroccans show off with golden or silver belts)

If you have photos on your computer, you can use the website to post the photos here. You just go to the url, click on browse to find the photo on your computer. Click on upload, and next you’ll be given a number of urls for your photo. Take the one that says: Url for forums. And that’s it.

Now if you think the photos are too personal, you can simply e-mail me in private, and I’ll advise you. We certainly do not want Umm Adnan to be underdressed for the event :). It’s a wise decision not to rely on your husband, they don’t understand the “fuss” we make about how to be dressed.

thanx for the info! sorry for putting it on the wrong thread:))
here is the pic of the dress, let me know if its appropriate, cuz if its not dressy I will regular clothes:))
the quality of thew pic isnt the best and Im not very photogenic but u get the idea:)

Are you sure you wanted to post your personal photo in the forum and make it accessible to the public?

u can’t really see my face on it, and my real name is spelled different way, so my identity is safe :slight_smile:

So for my honest opinion, the dress you got there is too simple. It’s not long enough to wear with a belt, and it’s not enough for you to wear to the event. :slight_smile:

the dress doesn’t come with a belt, and it might look simple but the fabric is beautiful, beaded with flowers. thank u for opinion, but i decided to wear it anyways.

…Just make sure you wear some cologne with that. Moroccan women; almost all splash themselves with cologne, some Moroccan men too, excluding me. I don’t wear cologne, and I don’t like my woman wearing it either. Although, I dont have a woman yet. Either way; and based solely on my own Moroccan observation women who do not wear belt might be seen as deviant. But then, since you ain’t Moroccan, you can get way with belt or without belt. Have fun under so much sun.

To friendly “clue-you”: Moroccan women who don’t wear belt in Morocco are just like American women who don’t wear bra(sigh) in America. Again. I rather see women without belt or bras, lose and happy if you ask me.

Yes, by cologne. I meant:" Errihha", perfume, like: J’adore. I got that from my imagination and my early Moroccan education. Where some Moroccan women in Morocco ask among other things for Belt of god before marriage " mdamma dial adhape"
I’m touching the wood for thinking of me of I wouldn’t have a woman. I think. I would,but preferably a woman who doesn’t wear cologne, but lose, in shape and happy. I pray.[/quote]

I completely did not follow the previous series of comments. Surely he meant to say that you were a good Private Investigator, ie, dick. But why, I cannot imagine.

Bejjaid women, eh? And who is to say that every woman is like each other one; I have not found all men to be alike. I have also seen a good many Casawi women who are, let there be no misunderstanding, in complete control of their own homes and what will and will not go on there.

I think it is a shame to not have a give and take; what happiness can come of controlling, never mind of being controlled?

i didn’t get what were the previous posts about it… anyways, I wore my dress to the party and even though it wasn’t as dressy as the other dresses that other women were wearing - I got a credit for wearing a Moroccan dress, so Im glad I wore it.