Question about a word's meaning...

I’ve tried searching for the word online and picking up context clues because my darija isn’t bad, but the word itself is confusing me. I can’t quite wrap my head around what the word could mean and it sounds like a couple that it wouldn’t make sense in the context it was said.

What does “mamanakch 2” mean?

It was used in this context:

"nta wahed insan mamanakch 2 je t ador "

Thanks in advance, would love any sort of feedback on this. Haha, it sounds like it’s a compliment, but then it could also just mean “you talk to much”.


That’s a compliment indeed. It means that you’re unique. No one can tell you that you talk much to say afterward that they love you.

Let’s break down the word mamanakch:
manak = of you
ma at the begining + ch at the end = negation
Ma manakch jouj (2) = There aren’t two of you.

I hope this brings some light into your head, and that you can finally wrap it around what I just explained.

I think “2” is not related to the word.

“Mamanaksh” either according to this context or in general meaning, has the same meaning.
It literally means “nothing from you”, but for Darija, it is used as : “no use with you”, “no hope from you”, “no benifit comes from you”, " you’re unreliable/untrustworthy" <— this last one is rarely expressed as “mamanaksh”

& it’s supposed to be: ma mnneksh

& i d’ like to note that sometimes, i t may mean, that “there’s another one of your kind” which i this case i think “2” can be used as the example u gave…

2 minutes difference between our replies, and hips of differences lol.
Now don’t you agree better with my explanation?

believe it or not, i edited even before i see your post & i added the last note which matches with what u said :^^:

Sba7 lkhyr b3da :smiley:

Okay… but you meant “there is no other one of your kind”. :wink:
But I insist that it’s the only meaning in the context.

Sba7 nnour :).

Okay… but you meant “there is no other one of your kind”. :wink:

Sba7 nnour :).[/quote]
oops ! yeah , that’s what i meant…it seems i was still sleeping :oops:

& yeah, if u insist :hap:

Wow, well now it seems obvious. Haha, I guess this is one of those times where a purely phonetic spelling would have helped with the pronunciation, but now that you guys defined it so well the word actually makes sense.

Well some people may have an affinity for those who are long winded!

Haha, but thanks again, good compliment!

Can you guys tell me how to say “that is how special you are”?

Well some people may have an affinity for those who are long winded![/quote]
I still don’t see how mamanakch linked up in your brain with talking too much :hap:.

I almost overlooked this, thinking it was a signature.
It wouldn’t make much sense said in Darija like that, it will sound like a sentence hanging in the infinite universe. Can you be more specific?