WELL, it’s not much to do with ramadhaaan, but it fits here better than anywhere else … well, it’s not a game or food !! :lol:

We have so many Prophets soub7anallah, [even more that we don’t know about!!], all with their own individual characteristics, their different stories, special teachings, etc …

But what is your favourite Prophet’s story ?? :smiley:

Mine is the story of l-Prophet dyalna Yusuf :wink:
i wrote a short [:unsure:] summary of it :hap: here you gooo:

prophet yaqub AS lived in palestine and he had 12 sons, one of which was yusuf AS, one was the youngest [benjamin] and ten others. one night yusuf had a dream that 11 planets and the sun and the moon were bowing down to him. he told his father about the dream and his father understood this and knew of the high level of yusuf in Allah’s eyes, and the success which will come to him later in life. but he warned yusuf not to tell his 10 older brothers about this dream because he knew how jealous they were of yaqub’s extra love for yusuf, as he preferred yusuf and benjamin to the other 10 brothers.
one day the ten older brothers started to say ‘yusuf and his brother benjamin are loved by our father much more than us, we should kill yusuf so that our father loves us more’ but the oldest brother, judah, said ‘we don’t need to kill him, all we want to do is get rid of him, so we can just take him away from home and not bring him back’ so they plotted to throw him in a well far away from the house. they asked their father ‘why do you not trust us with yusuf? tomorrow, will you let him come out with us so he can play and enjoy himself?’ their father knew of their bad intentions, but he had faith in Allah and he gave them permission to take him out with them. they went out and after a while pretended to need a drink, so they all went to the well. they grabbed yusuf, took his shirt off, and threw him in the well. he fell easily onto the water in the dark well, while his brothers killed a sheep and soaked his shirt in its blood. they went home and told the father that they had been racing with eachother, and left yusuf near their bags, and a wolf had come and eaten him, and they gave him the shirt as ‘proof’. yaqub AS knew that they were lying, he looked at the shirt and commented ‘what a merciful wolf, he ate my son and did not rip his shirt’ the sons grew red in the face of embarrassment, but he left them. he knew that Allah had kept his son safe and will let them meet again. meanwhile, yusuf sat in the dark well, and felt betrayed by his brothers, but he prayed to Allah to keep him safe. not far after, a caravan on its way to egypt passed by, and one man began to pull the rope in the well to get water. as yusuf saw it move, he grabbed onto the bucket to get out. the man felt the rope get heavy and other men began helping him pull. when yusuf appeared out, he called ‘we have a surprise! a handsome man has appeared out of the well!’ yusuf was relieved to be free, and the caravan saw him as a chance to get money. they grabbed him and took him to egypt, where they auctioned him off as a slave. bids got high for the strange handsome man, but the chief minister of egypt, al-Aziz, outbid everybody, and he took yusuf in. he welcomed him to his home, and trusted him, and became close to him. he told his wife to look after the new man. however, yusuf was an extremely handsome man, and the minister’s wife grew attracted to him. one day when everybody was out, she tried to tempt him, but he said no. she then insisted, and as he tried to leave the room she pulled his shirt from the back and it ripped. when he managed to open the door, the minister and his workers were stood there. all of a sudden, the wife began accusing yusuf of what she had done herself, saying she was trying to run away from him but he was chasing her. one of the minister’s workers found a way to figure it out. he said that if yusuf’s shirt was ripped from the front it means he was in the wrong and she had ripped his shirt trying to pull away from him. but if it was the back that was ripped she was the one in the wrong, and had ripped the shirt at the back trying to get him. they found that indeed the shirt was ripped from the back and determined that he was the victim. the minister apologised to yusuf for his wife’s behaviour, and said to her ‘you women! you women and your devious plans!’ word spread of the actions of the minister’s wife, and people began talking about her in a bad way. she wanted to prove to them that it was not her fault, and that yusuf was truly an irresistably handsome man. so she invited all the rich ladies of the kingdom to her house for a large banquet. they ate, and then came time for ‘dessert’ [fruits :P] so she gave each lady a knife to cut her own fruit. purposefully, at this moment, she ordered for yusuf to enter the room. he entered with his head facing down to pass the ladies respectfully, but she called his name ‘yusuf’, so he lifted his head. at this moment, all the women were so shocked by his beauty, they thought him an angel, not even a human, and in their shock each woman begain cutting into her own palm without realising it !! when he left, she said to them ‘look, i admit i tempted him, and see for yourselves, i am not to blame, he is so handsome you all cut into your hands at the sight of his face, and you don’t even know it!’
eventually, the minister’s wife asked him that yusuf be sent to prison anyway, to protect her dignity and prevent her from doing evil again. yusuf also wanted to go to prison, he said ‘oh Allah, truly, prison is better for me than the evil intentions of these women to me’ so they agreed, and yusuf was sent to prison.
he shared a room with two other prisoners, one was the cupbearer of the king, and the other was the king’s cook. they saw that yusuf was a clever, noble man. they each had a strange dream, and decided to ask yusuf what he thought. the cupbearer had dreamt that he was pressing grapes for the king, and the cook had dreamt that he was holding bread on his head and birds were eating from it. yusuf told the cupbearer that his dream meant he would be released and he would again be making wine for the king. as for the cook, he would be crucified after prison, and the birds will eat from his dead body. and true enough, the cook was crucified, and the cupbearer was set free. but before he was set free, yusuf asked him that when he reached the king, he would tell him about the innocent man in prison, yusuf, who was sent to prison without having done anything, and that he may be freed again.
the cupbearer went back to the king and he forgot about yusuf and forgot to tell the king about him, but yusuf waited in prison and knew the day would come eventually. one night the king had a weird dream. he dreamt that there were seven fat cows, but then seven really thin cows ate them. and that there were seven ears of grean grain, but then they get lost into mud and seven dry ears of grain grow in their place. he is frightened and tells his workers about this. they laugh and joke about him, saying ‘the king is growing so old that even his dreams don’t make sense’ and they agree that it was just a nightmare. but the news reaches the cupbearer, and at this point he remembers yusuf. so he goes to the king and tells him he knew a man in prison who would be able to interpret the dream. the king sent him to yusuf to ask about the dream. yusuf said that the dream meant that for the nation there will be seven years of rich harvest and good crops, but after them will come seven years of great famine, and that they must plan properly how to get through the following 14 years. the king was surprised to hear this, and asked for yusuf to be released to help him plan. yusuf came out but before getting to work he asked for his innocence to be proved, so that people don’t see him as a bad person. so the king called the minister’s wife and all the women who were at the banquet. he asked the women ‘what have you done to yusuf?’ and they swore by Allah that they had done no wrong. then the minister’s wife broke down and confessed that it was her and she had done the wrong, and she was sorry, she was admitting to it because she loved yusuf and didn’t want him to look bad in the people’s eyes.
so yusuf was proven innocent and he helped the king plan ahead and alhamdulillah they harvested efficiently and managed to feed the people and save some crop for the seven years of famine. but it wasn’t only egypt that was affected by the famine yet it was only egypt that planned and managed to get through it, so yusuf asked the king that some food be sold to the surrounding people at a fair price, so people from all around [including palestine] came to egypt to buy food. amongst them were the 10 older brothers of yusuf. when they arrived he recognised them, but they, of course, didn’t recognise him [to them he was a dead man, who didn’t exist from a long time ago!] they asked for food for a family of 11 and two parents. he said ‘i only see ten of you, so i can’t give you food for absentees, come back with your younger brother to prove to me that he exists, and i’ll give you double the food i’m giving you now’ he did this because he missed his younger brother and wanted to see him after so long. he said ‘bring your younger brother, and if you don’t you might as well not come’
so they went to their father and asked to take benjamin but he said ‘no, you broke my trust with yusuf, i will not let benjamin go with you’ so they left it. but after some time, when they had no food left and really needed to go back to egypt to get some, their father sent them, but they reminded him that they couldn’t get food without banjamin, so he made them swear by Allah to bring him back as safely as they took him, and they did, so he sent them.
when they went, yusuf greeted them nicely, and prepared a big dinner for them all, and they sat in pairs, and he sat by benjamin. but benjamin cried and said ‘if only my brother yusuf was here’ but later on, yusuf was with benjamin alone, and he said ‘would you take me as a brother?’ and benjamin said ‘you are a lovely host, but you could never replace my brother yusuf’ and yusuf cried and told him that it was in fact him, but that he should keep it a secret between the two of them, because Allah’s plan was the best for them.
so as the brothers were about to leave, yusuf ordered for the king’s golden cup to be put in benjamin’s bag, and just before they left, one of the king’s men called ‘you boys are thieves!’ and they said ‘what are you missing?’ the man replied ‘the king’s golden cup’ they said ‘we have not come here to cause mischief, search our bags and if you find us guilty, whoever has stolen can become the king’s slave’ and they searched all the older brothers’ bags, and yusuf said ‘don’t bother searching benjamin’s, he is too young’ but the brothers themselves insisted ‘we are the sons of a noble man, we will not leave until EVERYONE is searched and proven innocent!’ and they searched benjamin’s bag and found the cup in there, so yusuf said ‘he will stay behind as we agreed’ but they said ‘no, he can’t, our father made us promise to take him back safely, pelase have mercy, take one of us instead’ and yusuf said ‘how can we let the thief go, and take an innocent man? that is not right’ so the older brother, judah, said ‘ok take him as a slave, but i will stay here too, and i will not return to palestine until my father believes us and lets me go back’ so the other brothers left. yusuf told benjamin of his plan and that everything was OK, and he treated him well, he said he kept him behind to keep him safe from his other brothers, and he was also glad that judah stayed behind cos he was good-hearted and had good intentions.
the brothers went to the father and told him the news, and he began weeping for the loss of his two favourite sons, and he cried so much he lost his sight. they told him to stop hurting himself so much over his sons, but he said ‘i complain to Allah about my loss, not to you, now go in search of my two sons, don’t lose faith in Allah’s plan’
they went back to egypt and told yusuf to please give them back their brother, cos their father was in so much pain, and truly Allah will reward him for his good actions if he let benjamin go. yusuf then started to speak to them in their own native tongue, and said ‘do you know what you did to yusuf when you didn’t care about him?’
they were shocked, and asked ‘are you really yusuf?’
he said ‘yes, i am yusuf, and that is my brother benjamin’ and they began to shiver with fear, asking him for forgiveness cos they had truly sinend against him, and he said ‘don’t worry, i forgive you, now go and take this shirt of mine to my father, and wipe it over his face and he will regain sight’
as they were on their way back to palestine, their father could feel what was to come, and he left his room after so long, and said ‘i can smell yusuf’ and all his son’s wives thought he was mad ‘there is no hope for this poor old man’ they kept saying, but indeed his son’s returned with the shirt, and he regained his sight, and they all went back to egypt.
yusuf and his parents hugged and greeted eachother, and out of happiness, the whole family prostrated in front of yusuf.
so the story starts with the dream and ends with its interpretation :smiley:
the 11 planets were his brothers, and the sun and the moon his parents !! :D:D

hope you enjoyed that :slight_smile:

and anybody can correct me if any parts are wrong - this is pretty much off memory so it’s HIGHLY likely a lot will be a bit mixed :hap:
choukrannnnnn :smiley:

Machallah !! :DI love this story :smiley:

I read that later yusuf (pbuh) married zuleikha (the minister’s wife) and they had 2 children :slight_smile:

After this story I like Mariam’s story :slight_smile: and of course Prohet Muhammad’s many stories…
I want to post one but first I want to make sure of some things… :wink:

wowww, i’ve never heard about this extra bit … sub7anallah :smiley: gonna look into it !! never actually heard what happens beyond the family re-union :hap:
yessss, i agreee, mariam’s story is beautiful … they all are in their own ways, i guesss :D:D
go aheaddd !! i’d love to read it - you somehow always learn and find out new things each time you read a story you thought you knew before :wink:

Here’s the story :
When the prophet Muhammad pbuh was in Madina a shield was stolen, at first a Muslim man named Bashir was accused of stealing it, when he knew that he may be punished he buried the shield in his neighbor’s garden (his neighbor was a jew) and he told the prophet that it was the Jew who stole the shield so the Jews house was searched and the shield was found. So the prophet decided to announce that Bashir was innocent.
Bashir told 3 of his friends (who were the only people who knew the truth) not to tell the prophet that he stole it.
That night Angel Jibreel came to Muhammad and told him that the Jew didn’t steal the shield and that Bashir was guilty
So the next day the prophet announced in front of all the people of Madina that the Jew was innocent and when he said so, Bashirs friends said that God’s word’s were right and admitted that Bashir has stolen the shield.

Tbarkllah 3likom a lbnat. Thank you for sharing :).

WOWW i like that story, soub7anallah
as they say, the truth always comes out :hap:
thanks SM, what about your favourite storyyy ?? :smiley:

I love Youssef’s story as well, for the way it’s told in the Quran. I like reading it :).

yaaaaaaaaaaaay snappp :smiley:
awwww, me tooo, beautiful story and especially how it’s told in the quran; same reason :hap:

[quote=Paperbird]I have the book “Qesas al Anbia’e” (stories of the prophets), i haven’t read it all, but from it & from other things i read on the web, & schools & Qur’an…etc; there’s no Prophet story that i didn’t like, they’re all full of wisedom, lessons & examples…

But of course there are famous ones, that are a lil bit more special than the rest, like the stories of, Mohammad, Adam, Issa, Moossa, Ibrahim & Yussuf…
So along with Mohammad’s great one, the one that touched me is Yusuf’s, however…when i think about it i find it kind of hard to choose one…they’re all great stories.[/quote]

I’ve just finished watching the serie of “the stories of the prophets”, its full 29 episode on Youtube.

I knew some things i didn’t know before :slight_smile: all the stories were perfect, all the prophets were great, & it just increased my Love to Moses & Jesus more :ok:
I realized that the children of Israel are meant to be the evil souls of this world, since the first of them who had thrown Joseph in the well, till the ones who had disbelieved in God right after he’s saved them from the Faraoe, till the ones that cut Zecharia & John & were about to crussify Jesus…& till the ones who are killing innocent people nowadays in Palestine.

I also realized how great Abraham is, the father of the prophets, also the first time i know humanity is descending from Noah :scrm:

I usually only read this forum, but… you’re joking, right? :blink: :blink:

I usually only read this forum, but… you’re joking, right? :blink: :blink:[/quote]
you must have misunderstood, i don’t mean “children” as “kids” or sth like that.

Israel is Jacob the prophet, & his descendents are referred to as “banu israel” (children of Israel), simply meaning: his descendents.
In each era there were prophets & messengers sent to them, & with each prophet, there were people that believed & people that didn’t :fouet: so when i say “evil souls” i’m obviously refering to those who didn’t :ok: & i gave examples of violence towards Zecharia, John & Jesus.

I usually only read this forum, but… you’re joking, right? :blink: :blink:[/quote]
you must have misunderstood, i don’t mean “children” as “kids” or sth like that.

Israel is Jacob the prophet, & his descendents are referred to as “banu israel” (children of Israel), simply meaning: his descendents.
In each era there were prophets & messengers sent to them, & with each prophet, there were people that believed & people that didn’t :fouet: so when i say “evil souls” i’m obviously refering to those who didn’t :ok: & i gave examples of violence towards Zecharia, John & Jesus.[/quote]
I thought you meant Jewish people in general, that’s why I found it shocking.

And yes, any evil done is evil. Crazy to think what people are capable of doing. Or what we sometimes do ourselves…

well…Christian people divastated Iraq, killed its president, stole the oil & gave people more poverty, made the 2 world wars, invaded Australia & erased a whole race of innocent people, invaded America & did the same to the natives… should we say Christians are violent murderers & terrorists in general ?! :no:

You’re absolutely right, Papers. But there are people who think things like that, I was just surprised if you’d be one on them. Sorry :flag::ok:

Hello all.

I am sorry, but I can’t just read what lies above and refrain from commenting on it. Perhaps there is something lost in translation which is keeping me from understanding what you mean when you say that you ‘understood that the Children of Israel are meant to be the evil souls of this world’. I completely disagree with that assessment and, if you use any index to the Qur’an, you will find many many instances in it wherein the ‘Children of Israel’ are addressed honorably; it is indefensible to say that they are ‘meant to be the evil souls of this world’.

No one community has a monopoly on evil, after all, and no community is so perfect as to be spared the existence of some evil souls among its ranks… but I do hope that I misunderstood and something was lost in translation; I would like to hear more specifics as to what was really meant.

Kyfa l 7alu ya umma maryam :slight_smile: where’ve u been all this time :^^:

Which translation ?

There’s no doubt of that.
The families & followers of the prophets were ones of the good Israelite & good humans ever, but the Israelite are not one era, neither one type. so also in the Qur’an, & yet in both Sunna & Sira you’ll find “many many” negativities of them that indicates the most evil deeds ever done on this earth…& this leads to your next statement…

You’re right ! & this is exactley what i stated above, in my reply to Johnquix (about christians as an example). read it (in case you’ve missed it) he seemed to be convinced.