programme in morocco


i was just reminiscing on my visit to morocco last summer, and remembered there was this programme for couples where they had to go through certain tasks, and if they won they would recieve their dream wedding and honeymoon as their prize.

can a moroccan man and non moroccan wife go on this show?
how do you apply for it?
has anyone here seen the show?
do you know what it’s called?
would you go on a show like that?

was your wedding, your dream wedding?
where you from and where is your partner from?
did you go on a honeymoon?
where did you go for your honeymoon? and for how long?

please and thank you


La La La3aroussa is the show’s name I believe.

I am not sure about the rules, but I see no problem in it. I would imagine you would need to be able to speak fluent Darija.

I think its called Lalla L3roussa!

ya i guess u need to know darija! cuz you will have to answer questions and stuff like that