private translation

hi friends. is anyone able to help me with a private translation. if so plese email me on or post your email address on this message. thanks so soso much

thank you paper bird i have just emailed you. you have no idea how much you are helping me. where do you live?
from your profile i see you live in asilah - i would love to visit asilah. i love morocco its a beautiful country.
thanks again amber

I actually live in Casablanca, aproximately 320 Kms south of Asilah, i spend a lot of holidays in Asilah, its my mothers birth town hence irs my second home.

i have never been to casablanca but spend alo of time in fez and have a home in agadir. i live in london

Translation sent.

Paperbird… Welcome back weld DDERB !!
Tu vis où à casa ??

I live on Fouarat boulevard, 3azzeddin - Fal elkheir residence

i’m your weld derb !!! hhhhh didn’ty know that before

Well yes didn’t know that before…
Abt me, i live in anassi, i think u’ve heard abt it before… But actually i live in had soualem which my work is in :slight_smile:

glad to see wlad derb m7ey7ine hna :d