prepositions of place -2

UNDER : thre’s a picture under the sink.

 ABOVE : there's a mirror above the sofa.

 BELOW : the sink is below the cupboard.



 BY: he lives by the sea.

 NEAR: i live near the Mosque.

 OPPOSITE / IN FRONT OF: he sat opposite me on the train.
 BEHIND: he's hidding behind the tree.

 BEYOND: the sea is beyond those mountains.

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There are pretty easy ones!

Under, below = t7t.
Above, on = fôq.
Next to, besides, by = 7dâ.
Near = qrîb mn…
In front of = qbâlt / qddâm
Behind = Môrâ.
Beyond, farther on, after = b3d.

Everything is clear? Do you want to try and make sentences to make sure you got them all right? Please do.

Okay, I’ll try a sentence

kersh kayderrni f lt7t.