Posting in Arabic script

Some time ago I tried to post something in Arabic script here on
I seem to remember that it didn’t work. It just appeared as a line of question marks, like this :
??? ??? ??? ??? ? ?

I would like to try again. Here goes, below I’m writing a sentence in Arabic script :

??? ??? ?? ???

?If it didn’t work - that is, if the above sentence does not appear in Arabic script - has anybody got any suggestions what I can do ?

Oh ! Great ! it seems to work now :D:D

in that case, could someone please correct my Arabic sentence ?
What I tried to write was :
I hope it will work this time.

It was probably an encoding problem that you had before, I am glad it’s working now.

Let’s get back to your sentence:

KanTaab --> Doesn’t exist, what did you mean? The correct word is: Kantmnnâ = I hope.
Your ghâdî and ykhdm sticked together, but you actually don’t need a ghâdî in this sentence, because it’s simply:

Kantmnnâ ykhdm hâd lmrrâ = [large]??? ??? ??? ???[/large]

Your hâd was missing an alif.

:slight_smile: Well done.

Barek llahu fik, SM. :slight_smile:

The non-existing word came from (1) a typing error - it should have been kanTlb, Not kanTab and
(2) reading the Harrell Dictionary carelesslly !! :roll:

The expression is ‘Tleb 3el llah’ and the sentence in the dictionary is ‘kanTelbu 3el llah iji ghedda’.
= We hope he can come tomorrow.

Is that a common expression ?