pls translate

lli ma fih nfa3 dfa3

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’m trying to decipher a conversation between two Moroccan friends. What this says is a bit important to me. If you can translate this to english ou français, it would be great for me.

Ou s’il possible en français. C’est beau aussi.

Merci, Chokran en avance.

lli- that in which
ma fih- there is no
nfa3- profit
dfa3- push away/reject

it’s a proverb, in arabic it rhymes. could have different meaning depending on the context of the conversation, this is just my best guess for you.

Chokran bezzef very much unci maka.

It was a conversation between a meeting between two friends and another mutual friend (3rd). The two friends wanted to discuss privately without the 3rd friend, so the one friend said. We should send him (the other person) outside, while we talk… the other friend replied oui c’est ca lli ma fih nfa3 dfa3.

so here i guess you could say - if its none of their business (or if they cant profit from it), they don’t need to be there.

thanks to you! it’s a new phrase for me.