pls translate this short form? very short

what does this mean: “b8”
as in “bye et b8”

Maybe “beit” as in “house”?

The “8” in Englitext is used to replace the “ate” sound in words, like “l8tr” for “later”
Might be the same thing here.

Thank you for your response, I just got the answer from another source!

You were almost right! I found out that it was indeed “8” but in French (8=huit) and not in English

And the short form b8 is actually French for “good night” - bonne nuit (b=bon 8=huit I guess sounds like “bonne nuit” when said fast!)

Nevertheless, thank you!

b8 is taken from BN8 ==> BON8 ==> Bonne nuit which means good night !!