pls help

samhi liya hanane khsart chwiya ddam taytla3 marra marra o safi llah yan3al chitan o tsabhi 3la khiir …rak bant nass(F)

something like (not exact):

pardon me hanane sometimes i get a little upset thats all god protect from the chitan (that make that happen, or just in general) and sleep well…looks like u went to sleep

i think the last bit is “rak bent nass” ie. you’re a bent nass (a good girl). the (f) indicates a flower emoticon on msn, so evidently the person is complimenting hanane with “you’re a great/good girl”. dunno how u got looks like you went to sleep, ach :stuck_out_tongue: funny guy

haha ur right

i couldnt figure out that f