pls help with translaton

please help with translation…twechechtek bzaf bara nchoufek wengeisso t3awedli wn3qwedlek f belgika ma 3ndich chi shab drafat kifek twechcht ayam zamane denk whachat daba walo ri lkhdma wlberd ragli drafat walakin machi hmek ana knasni chi nchoute bhalek howa ma3ziz 3lih lkhroug w dehk meit waha mazala bara ndhek wenchet mahim twenechtek kane shabeli haka kane djoueget m3ak b3eda ncheb3ou kenk wellal? mra mera 3eyetli nhedro ok nkhelik. thanks so much :slight_smile:

A (newly?) married woman living in Belgium sens a message to a guy, who is an old friend of her, and who is probably back home in Morocco.

Very odd spelling, let me tell you. So some words aren’t even clear, but I’ll give you the whole lot:

“I miss you a lot, I’d love to see you, and to get together so that you tell me about your news, and I tell you about mine. Here in Belgium, I have no kind/nice friends like you. I miss old days, with all the joking around and joyfulness. I got nothing of that now, it’s all about work and cold weather. My husband is so kind/nice, but he is not crazy. I need someone hyper active like you, but he doesn’t like to go out and to have fun. xxxx I still want to have fun, and love. Anyways, I miss you! Had I known that things would turn out to be like this, I’d have married you, so that we get all the fun (?) we want, right? Call me from time to time to have a chat, okay? I’ll leave you now.”

xxx is for meit waha, I didn’t get that one.
In the last part, the word kenk in intriguing too, I translated it as dehk (d7k) = Laughing, having fun.

I hope this helps.

thanks so much! i have one more i would prefer to send in private. It is about the same length. Can i possibly email it?? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Sure, no problem.
I responded by e-mail.