pleeease ? :D some sentences ?

[center]hiiii …

well thanks to this forum im able to speak more morrocan than I used to ^^

I just want to ask about some stuff … see there are some sentences that I don’t know how to form in moroccan language
such as " 7abait asalim 3lik " wala " knot 7aba achof cho 3amleen " ya3ni when you ask about how is someone doing ?
can you please give me some sentences ??

Thank you ^^[/center]

Are you Syrian ? :^^:

Ok, i think this i swhat you’re looking for :

  • bghit nshofk
  • bghit nshofk ki dayr/ra/rin
  • bghit nshof ash khbark/kom
  • bghit nslem 3lyk/kom

this i swhat we say in common, when we tell someone that it’s been a while & we wanna check on them.

[center]ahhha … !! …
Thaaaaaanks alot for the translation !!
no im not syrian ^^ …
im form qtr … :D[/center]

Ya hala :wink: <— mo hek e tgoolon b gatar ? :slight_smile:

eee yes !!
:smiley: ya hala
merci ahlain fek w fe kol el members :slight_smile: