please!!! translation message for me!!!!

slt sava fatima zahra c omar ba9a 3a9la 3lia … tantmana tkoni bekir mohim kante bari nkolik 3andi wahad chrol f maroc wkasni nji darore wsaraha nti 3jabteni bazaf w ila makanch 3andak mochkil brit nt3araf 3lik ana rada inchalah 3andi tayara f lil ranzal f matar dial sale_rabat ana barah tsanitak walakin madkaltich facebook kante bari nsawlak ila makanch 3andak mochkil ana ranmche 3and un amis diale tayskon f kenitra ila kante dacor kali lia namra dialk f mesage hna w ana rantasal bik ok samhi lia 3la tbarzit w thalai frasak salam

hey wsup fatima its omar do you still remember me…i hope you’re well, anyway, i wanted to tell you that i have a ------ in morocco and i have to come and honestly i like you a lot and if you have no problem i want to get to know you. tomorrow god willing i have a night flight to rabat/sale airport i wanted to ----- with you but you didn’t come on facebook i wanted to ask you if you have no problem i am going to my friend’s spot in kenitra if it’s cool leave me your number in a msg here and i will call you ok sorry if i bothered you and take care later

  • chrol
  • tsanitak

*chrol - i think they meant chghoul, which mean “work” or “has things to do”
3andi chghoul f dar, khasni nmchi - i have things to do at home, i have to go

*tsanitak - i waited for you
ana brra tsanitak - i was outside waiting for you

(hope i helped a bit…if something isnt right, let me knoww) :wink:

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww im really proud of u both :slight_smile:

merci bro…oh yeaaaa nice mimi! i always forget how french ppl say the ‘r’

haha yeah, i started getting used to seeing that after i started chatting with my cousin for awhile :stuck_out_tongue: