Please translation in darija

what is your weakest area?
what is your dream in the futures?
what thing you can confront?

Thanks a lot

come on peeps help mr/ms fdel out here!!!

what is your weakest area? = shno ad3af blasa fik ?
what is your dream in the futures? = shno l 7olm dyalk f lmosta9bal
what thing you can confront? = shno l 7wayj lli t9dar twajh

Thanks a lot Paperbird.

please translate in darija:

khouya 3aziz ra khrjate liya lviza ra khditha hi lyouma wlakin ana hta lmour L3ide 3ade anji nchalahe ylahe nchoufak be lile ok by

Thank you

my bro aziz i got the visa , i got it just today , but aint comin till after the EID if god wants
c u tonight ok bye

Please translate in english:

choufi ameraym ana mahdratche fik ou hchouma 3lik dakchi liy golti fiya ou liy darti wlakin maliy jate male 3andak hanya fhala jate male 3ande khati ou nti mafhma walo hi kathdri wlakin daba yji wahde nhare ou T3arfi kolchi.hi maliy hadrti kane 3lik tkhaliy mama fe ti9are ou ana daba nji 3andak khaliy liya nmrtak darori bghit nhdare mak safi jwbini 3afak by laila

thanks so much

listen meryem i didnt say bad things about u , shame on u , u talked about me and did bad things to me . but it doesnt matter i consider u as my sister , u dont understand anything , ur just talkin but one day u’ll know everything.
just one thing , when u talked at least leave my mom alone , i’ll come to c u , leave me ur phone number , i wanna really talk to u , answer me. bye laila

Thanks so Madridista. you are sooo wonderful to translate for those. you are good at that. i very much appreciate your help :).

i hope u dont mind a fdel09, but u post them publicly and i read them to try and learn…i swear im not nosy!!! lol…anyway @ Madridista or whoever

does this mean literally, ‘when something bad came to you, it was as though something bad came to my sister’?? or else what does ‘male’ mean here…and why do we say ‘hanya’ here, i always heard it like hania, no problem, ldunia hania or whatever


kane 3lik= this means ‘just only’? is there any other phrase or way we can say this phrase, is it the same as ‘ghir tkhali mama…’

thanks sorry 4 the many questions

that “male” is supposed to be “min” (from) according to the context, that’s obvious.
“Hanya” is like u said.
& the sentence means “if it came (happened) from you, it’s alright, it’s just like it came from my own sister”

Ti9ar = tranquillity
Kan 3lik = you shoud have (done sth) # makansh 3lik = you shouldn’t have (done sth)

choukran m3limna PB

this is a really helpful phrase before this i only knew how to say ‘mafroud’ or ‘kan khss lik’ but it never sounded right